About Ashley


Ashley Erwin has been practicing Yoga since 2011 and is a dedicated student of Rutu Chaudhari of All Life is Yoga in Atlanta. Ashley received her 200 hour Yoga Certification in May of 2015, her 100 hour Restorative Yoga Certification in September, 2018 and is currently working towards an additional 300 hour Yoga Certification. She also has her “Great Yoga Wall” level 1 certification from Bryan Legere. Ashley provides alignment based yoga instruction combining precise and subtle movements in the poses with meditation techniques to fully engage the student's mind, body and spirit into his/her practice.  Her classes can be tailored for the complete beginner to more advanced practitioners. She loves using props in her classes, especially the yoga wall.

Her strong home practice, study of asana and meditation, and her attention to detail give Ashley the skill of communicating the exact movements needed for her students to fully experience the benefits of each asana. She was surprised to learn that the attention to detail which she developed as an accountant over the last 17 years has provided to be very useful in her yoga teaching. Ashley is continuing her education through her teacher's (Rutu Chaudhari) classes and mentorship, yoga workshops and an endless amount of yoga inspired readings.  In addition to her Tuesday night class at All Life is Yoga, she teaches individual and corporate private sessions and has been teaching chair yoga to adults who are marginalized by poverty, physical disabilities and mental and developmental disabilities.  Ashley is officially an advocate for the YOGA IS FOR EVERYONE movement.   Ashley lives and loves yoga and is forever grateful for all that her teacher Rutu and the All Life is Yoga community has contributed to her growth as a teacher and student.

Ashley is from New Orleans but has lived in Georgia since 1997. She graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in International Business in 2001, and then moved to Atlanta to complete her Masters of Professional Accountancy at Georgia State University. She enjoys reading, meditation and yoga, listening to music and taking long walks and runs with her daughter Sally in the stroller and her dog Toni Collette by her side.


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