Your Yoga Roadie


Heal yourself through movement + meditation

Your Yoga Roadie is a mobile yoga business started by Ashley Erwin, a 200-Hour Certified Yoga Teacher in Atlanta, GA. Ashley provides the benefits of a studio atmosphere with the flexibility and convenience of setting up class at your location. Whether it is weekly private or group classes or the occasional yoga party, having the props on site helps everyone get the most out of this alignment based practice. Ashley can come to your home, office, to your neighborhood park, or local community center. 

Whether it is gaining more flexibility and strength, more joy in movement or more peace and mindfulness, Ashley believes we all have the ability to meet our own yoga needs on a daily basis. 


Group Classes

In group classes, Ashley guides her students to pinpoint how and where they can make precise and subtle adjustments in their poses to maximize the physical benefit. She reminds students how they can use their breath to maintain their focus in order to receive the full benefits of each asana. 



Ashley also offers classes at corporate locations. Yoga class at the office is a great perk that improves employee satisfaction, productivity, and employee retention! And, Ashley’s experience as an accountant in the corporate world give her insight into how to balance self care with work most efficiently.    

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Private Instruction

Work with Your Yoga Roadie privately to directly learn what you need in your personal yoga practice. Together you and Ashley will identify your strengths and areas to improve on, create solid foundations to build on, and create a practice that balances you, the practitioner.


On the Road