Running & Yoga

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I’m running again! I just got back into a steady routine because in October I’ll be running into and out of the Grand Canyon. Yay!?  Josh has planned a 20ish mile trail for us down the South Kaibob trail into the canyon then back up the Bright Angel trail for those of you familiar with this situation. I need to be conditioned, “cause I can’t call a mule to come lug me back up to the top” (Josh’s words).  I’m excited about the GC, but apprehensive about the training. Running helps me to release tension and calms me down and it makes me feel really good physically. I love how my legs feel after a run... alive, tingly and relaxed at the same time. I know how hard an intense training routine can be on my body. My yoga practice will be an invaluable part of this training.  Before and after every run I’ll need to do hip openers, hamstring stretches, hip flexor stretches, and even shoulder openers. I’m also really going to need to nurture my piriformis. My extended yoga practices will need to be heavy on the hip and spinal decompression, thank goodness we have The Great Yoga Wall at the studio. I feel equipped to get this going. I’m going to start running some races around town over the next two months.  I’m also going to have to start another daily pose post. I’ll do one that gets at the hamstrings and spine at the same time. And, I’ll be hosting a “yoga for the hips and low back” soon so I can share this practice with other ATL runners. 

The first ATL race for me is the Vinings Down Hill 5K, this will help me prep for the down hill portion of my GC run. See details below about the race, it should be a fun run! Remeber to stretch!

Help the Warshauer Law Group support Atlanta area children! The local law firm has partnered with the Rotary Club of Vinings-Cumberland to support its annual Vinings Down Hill 5K Run for the Kids. Proceeds from this event go towards worthwhile charities in the Atlanta area to help them continue and build. Some of these charities in recent years included the Atlanta Boy Scouts, Calvary Children’s Home, Good Samaritan Health Center, Hero For Children, and many more. 

You can show your support by participating in the run, which will take place on Saturday, August 10. Come on out with the entire family (including those furry four-legged members) and enjoy a summer morning of making a difference in the community. All participants will receive a free t-shirt. To sign up to participate click here.

Ashley Erwin