Thank you Anna.

Anna 2.jpg

This is Anna. She was in my chair yoga class at Friendship Center this past Tuesday. She recently had a stroke and she has a condition called Aphasia, a language/communication disorder.  The administrator at Friendship Center mentioned that Anna was having a particularly hard day. She convinced Anna to join us for yoga. Teaching her the physical movements presented it's challenges but we got through it together. Thankfully the other students in attendance were regulars so I could be more attentive to Anna. We end each class with relaxation and a guided meditation. During the closing meditation Anna began to sweetly sing a soft ahhhhing sound. I would usually stop someone from making a distraction during our meditation, but the sweet sound of her voice moved me. It was as if an angel had joined the group. After class Anna was calm and smiling. Liz, the administrator, was blown away by the difference she could see in Anna from the beginning of class. I was blown away by the singing, I tear up a little thinking about it. This is one small example of the transformative power of yoga. Anna was in a 60 minute class and could barely do the physical practice, yet she still came out of the class calm, happy and rejuvenated. Teaching yoga every week is much more challenging and complicated than I imagined, but it's these kind of moments that keep me committed to this work. Thank you Anna. 

Love, Ashley